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Content Warning

A Meeting of Minds is a book about two men finding love. Just as in real life, there are some tricky situations in the book which some people may find bring up emotions they would rather avoid. And that’s cool. Please reach out if you need clarification.

So… topics talked about or alluded to include gay conversion, non-acceptance of sexuality by parents, some racism, use of alcohol as a crutch, and the death of a parent (not a Hartman). Medical procedures are described as well as life working in a hospital—it’s not all sunshine and roses.

Ken’s parents are fundamentalist Christians. I’ve tried to be sensitive towards people of faith, however no punches are pulled with those who don’t practice what they preach. And speaking of punches being pulled, a character is subjected to family and domestic violence.

This may seem heavy, but there’s also some fun stuff, including lots of music, three other Hartman siblings, two Gala Balls, and a happily ever after.

Sensitivity readers have read the book and offered valuable insight.

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