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Content Warning

Although a lot of this story is light-hearted, it deals with the impact of the death of parents in teenage years (one of whom was an alcoholic), and the suicide of a medical student (not a main character.) Another minor character experiences a sexual assault (off the page.) There are also scenes set in a children’s hospital where, sadly, staff deal with death every day. The main characters experience depression, anxiety, and stress, and one of them has a pretty full-on panic attack. If this isn’t enough, there is a scene where one minor character is racist towards another. Finally, there is talk of a miscarriage and complications arising from birth—Mum and baby both survive.

Some of these topics have probably touched many readers, and I know they can produce emotions that may have been locked away for some time. Never be afraid to reach out, and never think that you should have dealt with something by now. Grief and loss have no time limits.


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